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You can use the 360 degree panoramic photos on this website to explore some interesting places, including areas of natural beauty, geologic interest, and historical significance. For many of the locations, a set of panoramas are linked together with hotspots to provide a virtual tour of the area. In the case of trails, the linked panoramas form a virtual hike.


The above panorama is just a sampling of the many available on this site. You can use the navigation buttons in the lower left corner of the panorama windows to look around and to zoom in and out. If you prefer, you can also accomplish these same things with a mouse or a touch screen. Hot links can be used to move to the next panorama in a particular direction.


The “Panoramas” tab at the top of this page can be used to list all the panorama collections.


What’s New:

May 2017

A new panorama collection titled "The Ancient Native American Southwest" is under construction. More panoramas will be added as they become available.


December 2016

WebVR content added for viewing with head-mounted displays, like the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard viewers:



August 2016

A Look Around Redlands” (HTML5 content; Esri “Story Map” format; several new panoramas added over the last few months).


Note: many of the panoramas on this site can also be viewed on Google Maps and 360Cities:







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