Blue Mountain, Grand Terrace, California

main route: 53 panoramas; photographed April 22 and 28, 2012; January 12, 2013

alternate route: 35 panoramas with more coming; photographed May 28, 2012; January 12, 2013


This Southern California hill country is open to the public once a year on Blue Mountain Day but you can use this panorama collection to explore it any time. When the collection is complete, it will offer two routes to the peak. For the first route, simply go straight in the first panorama and follow the dirt road to the summit. When you reach the top, go past the communications towers to get the best views. The second route to the top is more involved and harder to follow. Take the side road that leads up and to the left in the first panorama. Traverse around the base of the mountain. Along the way, be sure to watch for the year-round spring. Follow the dirt road into a canyon and then look for a very hard-to-find, brush covered trail on your left that ascends steadily as it climbs up and around the nose of the ridge. After a while, it turns right to run directly along the top of the ridge. Don’t miss the view from the highpoint on the right just before the trail drops down to join the dirt road that runs along the upper saddle. Turn right at the road to traverse the saddle. Enjoy a good view down the valley from a large bolder on the right just before climbing steadily to join the first route near the summit of Blue Mountain.


Unfortunately, conditions were less than ideal when the main group of panoramas were shot. The sky was somewhat hazy and the annual transition from green to brown was already underway. A few “date/time” hot links have been added to incorporate some panoramas taken in January 2013, when the sky was much clearer and early winter rains had produced a beautiful explosion of fresh green grasses.


If you enjoy the scenery, please consider helping the Friends of Blue Mountain in their efforts to make this area a wilderness park ( Donations are welcomed and will help preserve this beautiful area from development. In the meantime, please respect the property rights of the area’s private land owners.

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The panorama above is the first one of the sequence. If you would prefer to start higher up on the route, or at the top, you can use one of the two panorama windows below. Note that all three windows provide access to the same content. They just start at different points along the way.


Viewpoint along the main route



The view from the top



A view along the alternate route (the east ridge)


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