Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Collinsville, Illinois

9 panoramas; 6 detail screens; photographed on December 22, 2012


A thousand years ago, centuries before Columbus’ voyage, a city of over 10,000 people sprang up just a few miles east of present day St Louis, Missouri. Today, a set of massive grassy mounds and a wealth of artifacts pay tribute to the culture that once thrived there. The centerpiece of the community, Monks Mound, is the largest man-made earthen structure in North America. A set of astronomical calendars, nicknamed “Woodhenge”, have also been uncovered at the site. In addition to being an Illinois State Historic Site, Cahokia Mounds has also been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Another excellent reference is Charles Mann’s fascinating book “1491”, published by Vintage Books.


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