Chico, California

Sycamore Pool, Bidwell Park

3 panoramas; photographed May 19, 2013


Chico is a beautiful community located at the north end of California’s central valley. Its Bidwell Park is one of the largest community parks in the state. The park was created back in 1905 through the generosity of Annie Bidwell, widow of Chico’s founder, John Bidwell. Just one of the park’s many interesting aspects is Sycamore Pool: a truly unique swimming area that is literally built into a free-flowing stream. The dam at the pool’s outflow includes a fish ladder. 

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Creek-side picnic area, Bidwell Park

1 panorama; photographed May 19, 2013


The panorama window above shows another area of Bidwell Park: one of its beautiful creek-side picnic areas. Bidwell Park stretches almost 11 miles in length and the panoramas presented here do not do justice to the diverse beauty that can be found there. A broader view of the park can be found through the link below:


Bidwell Mansion State Park

10 panoramas; 3 detail screens; photographed May 19, 2013


As mentioned above, Chico was founded by John Bidwell. Bidwell was one of the first pioneers to reach California from the east, arriving in the area in 1841 at the age of 22. Over the years, he made many contributions to the development of the state, both from the political and the agricultural standpoint. His three-story, 26 room home, completed in 1868, received many distinguished visitors, including John Muir, Susan B. Anthony, and President B. Rutherford Hayes. It is now preserved as part of the California State Park system.

As you walk around the mansion and pass by the carriage house, be sure to pause and read the plaque for California Historical Landmark #329, remembering Rancho Del Arroyo Chico and John Bidwell. Additional information about John Bidwell's life and accomplishments can be found through the links below:

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California State University at Chico

8 panoramas; 1 detail screen; photographed May 19, 2013


One of John Bidwell’s many lasting contributions was the establishment in 1889 of the “Northern Branch State Normal School of California” in Chico. This early teachers’ college went on to become Cal State Chico. The panoramas accessible through the window above provide some glimpses into the central part of the campus.

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