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The Lincoln Memorial Shrine – Redlands California

7 panoramas; 13 detail screens; photographed on February 25, 2013 (exterior) and April 26, 2013 (interior)


The Lincoln Memorial Shrine is a museum and educational center devoted to President Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War. It was created and endowed in the 1930s by Robert Watchorn to honor President Lincoln and also as a memorial to his son Emory, who succumbed at a young age to health problems that arose from his service in the First World War.

The Shrine houses a comprehensive collection of books, manuscripts, and art work relating to President Lincoln and the Civil War. Their extensive archive includes rare pamphlets, newspapers, maps, photographs, coins, stamps, and other artifacts from the era. The Shrine regularly hosts fascinating exhibits which highlight various aspects of Lincoln’s life and the war. If you live in the Redlands area or will be visiting, make a point of seeing this truly unique and inspiring tribute to the President who preserved the Union and ended the curse of slavery.

You can use the navigation buttons in the lower left corner of the panorama window above to look to the left and right, up and down, and to zoom in and out. If you prefer, you can also look around by moving the mouse with the left button held down, and you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. When you are ready, click on one of the hot links to move to the next panorama or to view details of the building and its exhibits. If you have trouble finding the hot links, the “Guide” button can be used to reveal them. For the best visual experience, click on the “Full Screen” button. 

Be sure to click on the many exterior detail screens to read Lincoln’s words as inscribed upon the building.

More information on the Lincoln Memorial Shrine and its ongoing work can be found through the following link:



If you would like to begin your tour inside, you can use the window below. It accesses the same collection of panoramas as the window above. It just starts inside instead of outside.

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