A Look Around Little Petroglyph Canyon

Images of the Coso Rock Art District in California












A National Historic Landmark

Desert Varnish

Some Common Styles

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A Harsh Homeland



It's an exciting and awe-inspiring experience to be exploring a lonely, wind-swept desert canyon and suddenly come upon petroglyphs (Native American prehistoric rock drawings). Strange, enigmatic images preserved in the rocks, some already ancient when the pyramids of Egypt were young, they inspire many questions, most of whose answers are lost in the depths of time. Who were the people who created these images? What do they mean? Do some record long lost historical events? Were some used as territorial markers, tribal or clan boundary posts? Were some maps to guide the wanderer?


Many were undoubtedly religious in nature and part of life sustaining rituals aimed at preserving order and balance in the world. Ancient prayers frozen in stone, yet still echoing down through the ages. Ponder the mystery as you use these images to explore Little Petroglyph Canyon.





Sign of the Bear


Lower Canyon Gallery

Upper Canyon Gallery

The Alcove

A Heritage Worth Preserving