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Painted Canyon, Mecca Hills Wilderness, California

14 panoramas; 6 more coming; 3 detail screens; photographed on April 28, 2013


This fascinating canyon is a true geologic museum.  The hills have been twisted and tossed by the activity of the nearby San Andreas fault, and then artfully carved by water and wind.

You can use the navigation buttons in the lower left corner of the panorama window above to look to the left and right, up and down, and to zoom in and out. If you prefer, you can also look around by moving the mouse with the left button held down, and you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. When you are ready, click on one of the hot links to move to the next panorama. If you have trouble finding the hot links, the “Guide” button can be used to reveal them. For the best visual experience, click on the “Full Screen” button.  

Note: be sure to read the informative sign which is accessible through one of the two detail screen hot links on the first panorama.  It provides an interesting overview of the forces at work here. Unfortunately this sign was no longer present at the time these panoramas were photographed. It may have been vandalized. Hopefully it will be restored at some point in the future. The photo of the sign was taken on an earlier trip in May of 2011.

The first set of 20 panoramas covers only about a mile of the Painted Canyon trail. Future panoramas will (hopefully) cover the full five mile loop trail which tours both Painted Canyon and the adjoining slot canyon called Ladder Canyon.

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