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Transpolar Flight Historical Marker

1 panorama; 2 detail screens; photographed on November 11, 2012


On a quiet day in 1937, a strange aircraft with massive red wings and only a single engine suddenly appeared in the sky over the small town of San Jacinto California. It promptly landed in a cow pasture. Any aircraft dropping in unannounced like this would have caused a stir among the local population but this one carried with it a truly amazing story. The aircraft was a Tupolev ANT-25 and it had just completed a record setting 6,305 mile, 62 hour non-stop flight from Moscow. The crew were given a hero’s welcome and treated to a ticker tape parade through Los Angeles.

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There’s only the one panorama, with two detail screens for reading the Riverside County historical marker. Not a lot to see here, but still a fascinating part of aviation history.

More information on this epic flight and the aircraft and crew that accomplished it can be found through the following links:



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